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Attention: Fire season continues until October 31st

by ikariaki.gr

An announcement from the Headquarters of the Fire Brigade and the Administration of the Fire Services of the Prefecture of Samos makes it known that fire season has not yet ended. Several forest and agroforestry fires have occured lately on a daily base, mainly during the burning of crop residues.
320 fires have broken out, mainly in agro-forestry areas, in the last week alone, while the prevailing weather conditions in some places facilitate their spread.
With the protection of human life, as well as the reduction of the number of rural fires and limitation of burnt areas as our primal priorities,

we offer a strong warning to out fellow citizens:

  • Be careful and avoid any outdoor activity that could cause a fire
  • Consult the local Fire Services regarding prevention measures and the daily risk of fire in such cases as carrying out field work
  • Follow the instructions on forest fire prevention, available both on the website www.fireservice.gr and on the official accounts of the Fire Brigade on Facebook and Twitter
  • Look for self-protection instructions from the dangers of forest fires, available on the website of the Ministry of Climate Crisis and Civil Protection, at www.civilprotection.gr

Throughout the fire season (until October 31st) extensive additional checks-patrols are carried out to prevent fires from starting and spreading, but also to verify the compliance with the MANDATORY fire protection measures, mainly in outdoor work. Failure to comply with the above will result in high administrative fines, as well as criminal penalties.

In case you notice a fire:

  • Call 199 or 112 IMMEDIATELY and give clear information about:
    – your precise location
    – the precise location and direction of the fire
    – the wind intensity in the area and
    – the type of vegetation on fire
  • Leave the area immediately and strictly follow the instructions of the authorities
  • Facilitate the access of the Fire Department

Protection of human life and our natural wealth is everyone’s business!!

Stavroula K. Bone
Fire chief

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